Kesang Lamdark

O Mandala Tantric
Plexiglass, LED light and wood
Courtesy of the artist

What do you see being transformed?

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13 Responses to “O Mandala Tantric”

  1. Marie and Antoinette says:

    Looks like a karma sutra nightsky universe. I was fascinated to learn the artist’s biography. It would be nice to have the peaceful mandala as well as the fierce mandala. The most intriguing piece in the whole show.

  2. Art perez says:

    Wow, like it very much

  3. Anonomys says:

    I see mankind adapting and becoming more civilized

  4. yangchen says:

    this is amazing!! :D

  5. Jake Fier says:

    Looking into the water, deep and far from our industry, we chart that which we fear, feel, and forever strive to reach. A chart of our own star.

  6. anonyms says:

    i feel shameness. i dont know why but i think you know why. shame on you!

  7. student says:

    it was beautiful from afar…..

  8. Shireen says:

    This is the new spirituality, meditative for a specifically modern audience that is already so exposed to violence and nudity in the modern, public world.

  9. Tsakor Baro says:

    the three layers of the earth?
    1. heaven
    2. earth and
    3. hell.

  10. Travis says:

    I think the artist could do something artistic and mature than indulging in cheap sex positions of both humans and animals.