Tsherin Sherpa

Gouache, acrylic and
gold leaf on museum board
Courtesy of the artist

What do you see being transformed?

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9 Responses to “Untiltled”

  1. Ngima Sherpa says:

    Here, I see the meaning of divinity transformed.

  2. What is being transformed is our culture’s attitude toward death, even as we try to protect and defend against it. The dissolving skull shows that impermanence affects even our hardest part, bone. We hold the head, or intellect, to be the most valuable part of us, protecting and defending this from ourselves and each other.

  3. Tod Nielsen says:

    Because I am a student of Buddhism, art, and history, this piece speaks to me on several levels. My “Buddhist side” finds that the multiplicity of skulls that comprise the large skull calls to mind the “mountains of bones and the oceans of tears” that is samsara. The two Bodhisattva figures assure me that “Help is on the way!” My “artistic side” is drawn to the structure, color, and symmetry of the piece. My “historical side” is reminded of the colossal waste of World War I, with the vast Ossuary in Verdun filled with the many thousands of skulls and bones of unknown soldiers, the horror of poison gas attacks, the clash of gigantic armies, deprivations, revolutions, and the fall of empires. Quite a bit from one piece of art!

  4. Soraj says:

    A mind.

  5. Dekyi yangchen says:

    I see, unfortunately also being made to realize the rapid transformation of the very essence of life.the numerous skulls,each vibrant colour representing the death of humanity. The clenched fists and the rigid bodies shows our ignorance of power of the mind and the soul!!!and the masks ,our choice of life on earth!!!!!!!

  6. MJ D says:

    In the outline of the pebbles it looks like a head.

  7. anonomys says:

    gas masks. so cool!

  8. ````` says:

    i see two people in a bomb squad