Tenzing Rigdol

Updating Yamantaka
Pastel and scripture on paper
Courtesy of the artist

What do you see being transformed?

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7 Responses to “Updating Yamantaka”

  1. I really liked this one. ‘Till now I have found very difficult to imagine on how to mix traditional thangka with contemporary art without making it look just a big mix leaving behind the most atractive which is the meaning and symbology. Here I like it because you have the drawing there and something new is just about to rise… congrats! I like this one… original and different…

    Check my thangka and conteporary works: http://www.artspirit.multiply.com

    • tenzing.rigdol says:

      This is Tenzing rigdol. Thank you for your kind words.
      I too am trying my best to find a new way to say the same
      old things. I will check your artworks and get back to
      you soon.

  2. Art perez says:

    Great composition

  3. Anonomys says:

    WOW! great colering.

  4. abc.alacam says:

    a man who is controlling the other things.. nice..

  5. Norbu says:

    the inner eye views our insignificance. we are all being transformed.

  6. Tsakor Baro says:

    i really love almost all of your works.one reason:EXTREME DETAILINGS!!!!