Pema Rinzin

Ground mineral pigments,
acrylic, dye, watercolor, gold on cloth
Private Collection, San Francisco

What do you see being transformed?

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10 Responses to “Water,1”

  1. kelsang says:

    i see clouds being transformed….

  2. oeokmd says:

    I am a novice when arts appreciation is concerned. May be I am over analyzing here but I see a figure of Buddha’s head in this work of yours. In all your works mounted for this exhibition, I feel there is a flow which is omnipresent in your frame. May i say a white flow in your peace and Energy #1 and the blue and white soul in your second. And the water in your third. The way I see it, thats your energy and the diverse color represents peace in many ways.

  3. Art perez says:

    I se blue movement, good composition

  4. natasha says:

    great colering

  5. zoe says:

    i see a cloud and water being combined in to one with water and sky being one eliment…

  6. Lei says:

    I saw water was pouring from the heaven.

  7. alex j sp says:

    i can see a really good picture!!!!!

  8. alter zingelshuher says:

    i see brain/mind transformend and energy flow through this,with different impulses, then, u start to realize , that brain is sort of a map of galaxy(ies) and blue become -dark energy ,and dots become stars with….
    have a nice one …arbiten

  9. lowly says:

    the 10,000 things